General conditions for access to ESN Groningen events


Article 1. Applicability

1.1 These conditions are applicable to being granted access to events, activities and manifestations that are organized by ESN Groningen and that are open or accessible to students that are in possession of an ESN Card and registered as an ESN Card holder.

1.2 In these conditions, ESN Groningen consists of the members of the Supervisory Board and/or Executive Board of ESN Groningen and members that are authorized by ESN Groningen.

1.3 In these conditions, a n ESN Card holder is a(n) (aspiring) student following a course at the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the AVAG, HBO Nederland, and the Stenden University of Applied Sciences Groningen and who has signed up to be an ESN Card holder.

1.4 In these conditions, an event is every activity or manifestation that is organized by ESN Groningen for ESN Card holders and that is accessible to ESN Card holders.

Article 2. Access

2.1 E-tickets or other entry tickets will not be taken back after they have been sold.

2.2 The claim to be allowed to an event will be cancelled when ESN Groningen determines that the maximum number of persons has been reached during an event.

2.3 The wristband that is distributed by ESN Groningen during the Introduction weeks  of September and February will remain the property of ESN Groningen. The holdership of the wristband is strictly personal. The holder of the wristband is not permitted to hand the wristband down to another person. A wristband that is no longer in one piece is no longer valid. An ESN Card holder or an ESN Introduction guide participating in the one of the aforementioned Introduction weeks can obtain a new wristband upon showing the broken one.

2.4 An ESN Introduction week participant or an Introduction guide are obligated to show the wristband if this is so requested by ESN Groningen or by security guards at an event.

Article 3. Remaining obligations

3.1 It is forbidden for ESN Card holders (and Introduction guides) to bring glass, tin, fireworks, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects, drugs, and/or alcoholic drinks to an event.

3.2 ESN Card holders (and Introduction guides) are obligated to obey the directions and/or regulations expressed by ESN Groningen, the exploiter of an event, the security guards, the firemen or any other authority. Should an ESN Card holder (or Introduction guide) not comply with these directions and/or regulations, or should he or she be guilty of endangerment, intoxication, threatening and/or violence, he or she can be refused entry to the event.

3.3 ESN Card holders (and Introduction guides) are obligated to participate in a body search by security guards.

3.4 ESN Card holders (and Introduction guides) are obligated to obey the smoking bans during events.

3.5 ESN Card holders (and Introduction guides) are obligated to identify themselves if so requested by persons and instances who are required to follow up on the lawful regulations during an event. Among these regulations is the prohibition of selling alcoholic drinks to people younger than eighteen years old.

3.6 It is prohibited for every ESN Card holders (and Introduction guides) younger than eighteen years to buy and/or drink any alcoholic drinks.

3.7 It is not permitted for ESN Card holders (and Introduction guides) to perform any promotional activities of any sort without the explicit consent from ESN Groningen.

Article 4. Circumstances beyond control

ESN Groningen reserves the right to reschedule an event to a later date or to cancel it in the case of any circumstances beyond the control of the ESN Groningen in the broadest sense of the term, which comprises of but is not limited to appointments not being kept by suppliers, strikes, fire, weather conditions, and instructions by authorized instances or persons.

Article 5. Liability and damage

5.1 ESN Groningen is liable for any direct damage to a ESN Card holder (or Introduction guide) if this damage is directly and exclusively caused by a shortcoming that could have been prevented by ESN Groningen. A reimbursement will only take place if the damage is covered by ESN Groningen’s insurance and if the insurance will pay the reimbursement.

5.2 The ESN Card holder (or Introduction guide) will be held liable for all the damage under any circumstance for the occasion of or concerning the (build-up or break-down of an) event, caused by the ESN Card holder (or Introduction guide) to other visitors of the event, to employees, to possessions of ESN Groningen, or of third parties hired by ESN Groningen, to the location or any accessory of the locations of the event, or to anything else that is in the location of the event. The ESN Card holder (and the Introduction guide) will indemnify ESN Groningen from any claims from third parties concerning damage that was caused by an ESN Card holder (or Introduction guide).

Article 6. Intellectual property and copyrights

6.1 ESN Groningen is permitted to make photos and/or movies of an event for the purpose of promoting an event. Upon entering an event’s location, the ESN Card holder and any other volunteers in service of ESN Groningen give permission to publish these promotional images.

6.2 ESN Groningen holds the copyright to photos and/or movies of an event that are published. These photos and/or movies are marked with an ESN AISBL approved watermark and cannot be altered by third parties without the approval of ESN Groningen.

6.3 ESN Groningen holds the right to remove photos and/or movies of an event that are published. Photos and/or movies of an event will only be placed after careful examination. A person depicted in the photos and/or movies can request the removal of said published material.

Article 7. Final provisions

Every difference between ESN Groningen and an ESN Card holder (and Introduction guide)following or caused by an ESN Groningen event will be settled by a competent judge in the jurisdiction Noord Nederland using the Dutch legislation.

Determined by the Board of the Stichting ESN Groningen on 6th of June 2016