In addition to the fun activities organized by the other ESN committees, the SocialErasmus Committee offers a different set of events. Undoubtedly, the evens organized by SocialErasmus are equally fun, however, these events offer international students the opportunity to give something back to the community of Groningen. 

The SocialErasmus Committee provides this opportunity through organizing events based on volunteering as well as raising awareness. The committee focuses on the following eight pillars when organizing events: animals, disasters, discrimination, education, environment, health, poverty, and violence.

The role international students play in these events vary; from joining a clothing swap, to visiting elderly people, as well as attending lectures which have the purpose to raise awareness.

An essential part of the SocialErasmus Committee is the Erasmus in Schools. Every year, at the beginning of the first semester, ‘kinderboekenweek’ takes place in which children from elementary schools are encouraged to read more books. With this project Erasmus in Schools collaborates with these schools. International students get to present their countries in various ways, such as playing international games or telling a story. This way Dutch children get in touch with international students and therefore different cultures, and international student will get to know the Dutch culture better.

The members of the SocialErasmus Committee 17/18 are Sabrina, Manon, Meike, Femke, Hanne, and Nadine. Let's introduce ourself!

Sabrina is a fourth year Medicine student from France and is about to start her ‘co-schappen’. She occupies the role of secretary in the committee. Manon, who is from France as well, just started her master Human Resources and fulfils the role of Erasmus in Schools Coordinator. The Treasurer of the committee is Meike, a second year Psychology student from Germany. Femke is a Dutch student doing the pre-master International Relations and International Organizations. She is also the President of the committee. Hanne, a second year Medicine student from the Netherlands, is the Activity Coordinator. And finally, Nadine, a second year International Relations and International Organizations student, fulfils the role of PR Coordinator.

If you have a question about the SocialErasmus Committee or have ideas yourself about ways to give something back to the community of Groningen, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

The SocialErasmus Committee '17/'18

Left to right: Sabrina, Manon, Meike, Femke, Hanne, and Nadine.