Experience Groningen is a two-day event organized by ESN in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen. 

Friday program:
Experience what the city of Groningen has to offer international students pursuing a future in business, sports, science or culture. The day will start with visits to companies from the track you chose. Afterwards, you will join local families for a delicious traditional Dutch meal. We will finish the day by relaxing at the cinema.

Saturday program:
The second day we will take you beyond the city boundaries. The afternoon will be dedicated to exploring the province of Groningen, while in the evening you will be welcomed at the Newscafe in the centre of the city.

Tickets are only €12 (2 days of activities and food included). Get yours now: https://shop.ticketscript.com/channel/web2/start-order/rid/CV3CFM98

For more information go to www.experiencegroningen.com

Alternatively, you can also sign up as as voluneer! Want to guide a group of participants around exciting places and/or discover the real Groningen with a friend? Sign up here:


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