University of Groningen and Hanzehogeschool Groningen have arranged temporary student accommodation for international students who are still looking for a permanent room. From the end of this week until the end of October 100 beds are available at the location Van Swietenlaan 23 (south-west part of the city). The costs will be € 16 per night. Sanitary facilities will be available but no kitchen services.

Students who are interested can contact their university. University of Groningen students need to send a mail to studentenzaken@rug.nl. Students from the Hanze University need to send a mail to housing@org.hanze.nl. You will receive a pdf document with more details and the procedure to apply for this facility.


It can sometimes be tricky to find a room when you're coming from abroad. So we've written down some useful tips to help you out! 

As you might already know, Groningen is a major student city where students are literally living all over the place. There are a lot of student houses filled with students, and even big buildings specially for international students. 

Housing Office
Through the Housing Office, which is funded by the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, you can apply for a room.The Housing Office offers furnished accommodation in Groningen for new international students up to the first 12 months of one of the Universities. 

The Student Hotel
The Student Hotel is the new, most stylish, comfy and exciting space in town! It's all been designed around your needs; 3 minute commutes to the University of Groningen means more time to snooze in your comfy bed. A trendy bike to make the journey even quicker. Pulling an all-nighter? Enjoy our comfy study spots, procrastinate with ping pong, or take a break in the gym with a vigorous workout. Add to that a welcoming community and maybe the best friends you'll ever meet... who said university was tough?

Municipality Groningen

The municipality has information on their website for internationals looking for a room in Groningen. Check out their website: https://www.athomeingroningen.com/

If you are looking for a regular room in a Dutch student house amongst the locals there is a very popular website, which is basically a platform for people who want make their room available. Most of the rooms on “kamernet” are rooms that are not furnished. However; there are also temporary rooms which are furnished on this website. To be able to access the rooms that are available you will have to create an account which will allow you to view and reply to the rooms. You can check our their facebook page here

Another good option for finding a room is via Facebook. There are multiple pages where students post their room either temporarily or for a longer period. Some rooms are left furnished, whereas others are empty.
Student Housing Groningen
Groningen Housing
Housing Announcements 

Housing Anywhere
Housing Anywhere is a website for students who have come for an exchange semester to our city and would like to rent a room in a Dutch student house from a Dutch student that sublets its room. Only students can post advertisements (so no landlords). Be aware that in general accommodation is very scarce, especially short stay accommodation!

We wish you good luck finding a room & hope you have a great stay here!