We as ESN Groningen are here to help international students in Groningen. Being new in Groningen it might happen that you run into things you did not expect regarding housing. This is why ESN started a cooperation with political parties of the University Council of the RUG and the GSb (Groninger Studentenbond). Together we know how to deal with your housing issues and have experience in this field.

We started a survey to find out what the housing-problems exactly are and to find a way to improve them. The survey is anonymous and you can fill it in right here.

The GSb is specialised in taking active steps towards a landlord or a housing association and are available to help you as well. Do you think you're paying too much rent? Do you have problems with your landlord or other questions about your room? They can help you with all your questions about renting a room in Groningen. You reach them thorugh email at info@groningerstudentenbond.nl

If you have any other questions you can come by the ESN Office. Office hours are Monday till Friday from 13:00 till 16:00 and Thursday from 13:00 till 19:00.