Living in Groningen starts with a place to stay! Some find rooms in the blink of an eye, some have more issues when it comes to finding a new "home". Please use the tabs to see information on finding a room, contract issues and general concerns regarding your room!

Pay Attention!
Watch out for swindlers! They will try to persuade you to pay in advance for a room that is not theirs to rent out or doesn’t even exist. Always take the following precautions:
       - NEVER pay rent and/or the deposit in advance when you haven’t seen the room yet! • Not even to Dutch postal companies like TNT who supposedly will send you the key of the room after you’ve paid them (they do not provide this service!)
• Never use Money Gram or Western Union to pay your ‘landlord’!
        - NEVER send copies of your ID!
• And don’t trust the copy of the ID that was send to you; it probably belongs to a previous victim 
        - Google the name and email address of the person you’re in contact with
        - Be on your guard when the ‘landlord’ doesn’t live in the Netherlands 
        - Nevertheless a victim to swindle/fraud? Report it to the police!

How to find a room?