A lot of international students live in the Netherlands, but never really experience the Dutch culture and Dutch habits. This is because most of them live in international student houses, mostly have international students, and it is hard to get into contact with Dutch students and families.

Because ESN Groningen sees the value for international students to get into contact with Dutch people, we decided to run the ESN Host Family Program.

ESN Host Family Program

The concept of ESN Host Family Program is as follows: Based on preferences and interests, an international student is linked to a Dutch Host Family. During what can be between one afternoon and a whole weekend, the international student enjoys the hospitality of the host family. During his or her time at the host family, the international student experiences Dutch food, games, habits and hobbies. At the same time the international student can share his or her habits, cultures, foodcustoms etc. All of this will happen on a voluntary basis. 

Aim of the program

The aim of the ESN Host Family Program is to promote integration and cultural exchange between international students and Dutch families. This benefits both parties. On the one side it creates more understanding in Dutch families for people from other countries and their cultures. On the other side it offers the opportunity for international students to share their cultures and habits, and at the same time get to know more about the Dutch culture.

If you are excited about the program and would like to host international students at your house, then fill in the form below: