For international students that just arrived in Groningen:

  • Would you like to meet your first (Dutch) friend before your arrival in Groningen?
  • Would you like to see a friendly face when you arrive in Groningen?
  • Would you like to have some help during your time in Groningen?

Having a buddy is a nice way to get in touch with Dutch students who can introduce you to the Groningen student life. Your buddy can pick you up from the station, give you useful tips to help you get through the first few days after your arrival and can help you with some practical things that need to be done. Your buddy can show you around Groningen and take you to the ESN office and activities. And of course he/she can help you with all your questions that might arise prior to or during your stay in Groningen.

Are you interested in having a buddy during your stay in Groningen? Then apply via the link below. Please note that you should only apply for a buddy when you are sure that you would like one. After we have received your application we will do our best to link you to a buddy with who you will get in touch through email prior to your arrival in Groningen. You will receive more information about the buddy system in June! If you have any questions about the buddy program, do not hesitate to send an email to If you cannot open the sign-up form in your country or brouwser, please send an email to and we'll help you out.

Check out this link to register to get a buddy!

For (Dutch) students who want to offer their help to newly arrived international students in Groningen:

  • Do you want to experience international life in Groningen?
  • Do you want to integrate with the international students in Groningen?
  • Do you want to practice your foreign language skills?

Becoming a buddy will be a great opportunity for you to help internationals in Groningen! As a buddy you will guide one or more international students in your city. The Buddy Integration Committee will link you to an international student that could really use your help. We will exchange the necessary contact information between you and the student(s) which enables you to contact the international student before he/she arrives. Internationals are usually interested in finding out stuff on practical matters regarding the best way to travel from Schiphol to Groningen or the easiest way to go to their room or student house in the city. If appreciated by the international students, you can offer to pick them up from the train station upon their arrival in Groningen. In addition, you can show the student(s) around the city and help with buying a proper bicycle, opening a bank account, giving a tour around the faculty, going to ESN events, et cetera. Besides these practical matters most international students are very interested in getting to know the student life of Groningen. As a buddy you are of course the perfect person to guide them to the best cafés, restaurants and bars!

Check out this link to register to become a buddy!