Tjitske Schokker


Tjitske Schokker - President ESN Board 2018/2019

My name is Tjitske Schokker and I am the President of the board of ESN Groningen 2018/2019. I am 22 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands and I am doing my master's degree in International Relations and International Organisations at the University of Groningen. During my bachelor's I stayed Norway for half a year. In my free time I like to travel, sail and play lacrosse. 

Why the ESN Board?

During my exchange in Norway I met ESN for the first time, and have been excited about the international community ever since. Because of my study at University College I got into the international community in Groningen as well. There are several reasons why I have joined the ESN Board. Mainly because I would like to help out new arriving students, as I experienced myself how much the help of strangers in a different country make your time abroad unforgettable!

Function description

As the President of ESN Groningen, I have a coordinating and supervising role. I am mainly responsible for leading the board, maintaining the overview and be up to date with all developments of ESN Groningen, and being the face of the organisation. This involves leading meetings within the board and externally with different stakeholders. Also I provide support within the board where necessary and represent ESN Groningen to the universities, and on different national and international levels.

Within this function I focus among others on improving the organisation in the interest of the students. Therefore I take the lead in developing the policy, and in constructing different evaluation reports. 

I you would like to find out more about the being the President of ESN Groningen, then please do not hesitate to send an email to I am also happy to meet up to talk about this function more in depth and answer your questions over a nice cup of coffee.