Marthe Grotenhuis


Marthe Grotenhuis – Secretary ESN Board 2017/2018

Hey everyone! My name is Marthe Grotenhuis , 23 years old and I will be the secretary this year. In June I finished my bachelor International Relations and International Organization. I grew up in Brabant, a province in the South of the Netherlands. I moved to Groningen four years ago, without ever visiting it before, but I’ve loved this city since the day I arrived.

Why the ESN Board?
I’ve always been interested in the international life. Therefore I started studying IRIO. Also, before and during my studies I traveled for several months, which were the best months of my life. I really liked to be surrounded by so many different people from all over the world. In my fourth year I did my Erasmus exchange in Salamanca, Spain. I made many new friends, also with the help of many international student organizations. This made me realize how much ESN Groningen can offer international students. I love being in an international environment, so doing a board year with ESN Groningen is the perfect opportunity for me.

Function description
The Secretary function is a position with many clear tasks. I am responsible for the minutes, newsletter, sending out invitations, and being the main contact person for questions from international students. But besides that, the function contains many more things. This year I am partly responsible for the committee weekend and I have two awesome committees to lead, the Sports Committee and the SocialErasmus Committee.

Another thing in your function as a board member is organising the Introduction Week. I am responsible for recruiting all the volunteers and introduction guides who make this week a great success.

I’m looking forward to work together with my five other boardmembers this year and dedicate my whole academic year to ESN Groningen. ESN is a great international organization and we offer all different activities, so I’m convinced everyone can find their place in ESN.

If you would like to find out more about ESN or about what exactly the Secretary does within the board then don’t hesitate to send me an email at!