Get involved!

Do you want to get more involved in the international life in Groningen? Then join a committee!

Perhaps you have been on exchange, you are on exchange right now in Groningen or you have the ambition to go on exchange in the future. If you have been on exchange, you know how much fun the international student life is. You get to know people from all over the world. When you're active in ESN, you can help those people have the time of their lives in Groningen. Internationalization plays a role which is growing in significance and whenyou're part of ESN, you're deeply involved in this process.

Once a member of ESN, you are involved in a completely different side of Groningen you did not see and experience before. In order to provide the students with a great experience, we organize 150 events on a yearly base including two introduction-weeks. From excursions to parties and even hitchhiking trips, you will be surprised what we can offer the students of Groningen. To organize such an amount of activities and support around 2000 international students we divide the workload over 6 fulltime board members who are responsible for around 60 committee members represented in 10 committees. Every single committee member will tell you that ESN has been one of the best experiences for them in which they attended and organized some great activities with the most diversified group of people. Try it out yourself and find out why ESN Groningen provides the perfect balance between professional, international and social development while enjoying student life in Groningen.

Enough said... Just check our committee pages on this website to find out more about our committees, to check which committees have spots available and of course to apply!