Would you like to do something extra's besides your study next year? Interested in the international side of Groningen? Enthusiastic to make the experience of international students in Groningen as great as possible? Curious to explore other cultures, get to know new people, develop organizational skills within a growing dynamic organization? If so, then you should definitely apply for an ESN committee!!

On the 3rd of May we are organising a committee interest evening, where you can get information about our 9 committees. We will start the evening with a small presentation about the organisation ESN Groningen and what we do. Every committee will be represented by a current member and this person will tell something about the committee, the activities they organise and their personal experience. Afterwards there is of course time for questions and a chat. 

You can also find more information here: http://esn-groningen.nl/apply-esn-committee. If you would like to apply, then send your CV and motivation letter to info@esn-groningen.nl before the 15th of May!

03/05/2017 - 21:30