Vincent Pool

Integration Coord.

Vincent Pool – Integration Coordinator ESN Board 2016//2017

My name is Vincent Pool and I am the Integration Coordinator of the ESN Groningen Board 2016//2017. I am 23 years old and last year I finished my bachelor in International Business, in which I went to South Korea on exchange. I am a member of student association Albertus Magnus and I have been active in other study and sports associations as well. I was born in the Hague, the political capital of the Netherlands but spent half my life in a small village near Nijmegen before I decided to become a Northerner in Groningen. In my free time I like to DJ, drink with my friends and enjoy festivals. Also, if there wasn’t a sincere lack of snow and mountains here I’d be snowboarding as much as I could.

Why the ESN Board?

During my exchange to South Korea I found out how great it was to hang out with people from different nationalities in a foreign country. You suddenly feel alike as you are all foreigners in a host country, but at the same time all the different cultures make regular connections and conversations much more interesting. Back in the Netherlands I didn’t want to go back to only Dutch friends, but stay involved in the international community. That is why I joined ESN Groningen back then, and more than a year later I applied for the board. It seemed to me like the perfect combination of developing myself personally and professionally while being fully involved in the international student vibe.

Function Description

The function of Integration Coordinator enables you to come up with new ideas and projects. The tasks of the Integration Coordinator are quite diverse; setting up meetings with external parties, supervising internal and external committees, organizing various activities, representing ESN in several platforms and promoting and executing your own projects. Next to that you are intensely involved in the organisation of an event called Beyond the Student Bubble: Experience Groningen which is organised in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen. Furthermore you are responsible for the Culture day in both the introduction weeks. The ESN committees under your responsibility are the Buddy & Integration Committee and the International Dinner Committee. Furthermore, another important aspect of the position is ESN’s integration projects, such as the longer established Intercambio Language Exchange Project or coming up with new integration projects like the International Soccer Tournament with a Dutch association.

If you would like to find out more about being the Integration Coordinator of ESN Groningen, then don’t hesitate to send an email to, I will be happy to meet up for a coffee to answer any questions you might have!