Martina Baas


Martina Baas – Secretary ESN Groningen board 2016//2017

Hello to you all! My name is Martina and last April I applied for the function of secretary in the ESN board. I applied for this while being in Greece and being super enthusiastic about the international life on exchange. I had come into contact with ESN before because I was an Introduction Guide in 2013 and led a group of around 12 people during the Introduction Week. This was the moment when I really got in touch with the international life in Groningen and realized that the Introduction Week is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to meeting new internationals in Groningen.

Function Description

The Secretary function is a position that youc an easily name the tasks for. I am responsible for the minutes, newsletter, sending out invitations and being the main contact person for questions from international students. But besides that, the function contains many more things. This year I am partly responsible for the committee competition, the committee weekend and I have two awesome committees to lead, the Sports Committee and the SocialErasmus Committee.

Another thing in your function as a board member is organising the Introduction Week. The Introduction Week takes place two times a year and it is a week full of new internationals, awesome activities and of course, organsing.

In the board you’re with five other enthusiastic boardmembers. Some tasks you fulfill alone, but for most things you need to cooperate with your boardies and committees and together make the ESN activities successful! If I speak for myself, a board year is a super fun, it's a fantastic learning experience and it's a great year that I wouldn’t want to have missed. You may wonder what the difference is between an ESN board year and other board years. Well, ESN has a great international social life where you will meet other people who will make it the most grateful year you’ve ever experienced!

If you would like to find out more about what exactly the Secretary does within the board then don’t hesitate to send me an email at!