Joey Richardson


Joey Richardson – President ESN Board 2016/2017

My name is Joey Richardson and I am the President of the board of ESN Groningen 2016/2017. I was born and raised in Manchester, England, and at the tender age of 18 I decided to travel: spending ten months in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. This experience convinced me to study outside of England, so I enrolled for a Physics degree in Groningen.

Why the ESN Board?

The reason I joined the ESN Board is a simple one: when I came to Groningen, I had an awesome time making friends and enjoying myself at ESN events. I had been a new international, an introduction guide and a committee member in ESN before my board year, and I wanted to give the same experience to new international students as I had when I arrived.

Function description

As the President of ESN Groningen, you are mainly responsible for leading the board and being the face of ESN. This involves leading meetings, providing help to other board members where necessary and representing ESN Groningen to the universities and on a national level.

 As a President, you keep an overview over ESN Groningen in general. You lead the development of the policy plan, half-year report and end of year report, identify which parts of ESN need to be focused on and work on it with help from your fellow board members. Furthermore, you will meet regularly with staff from the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences and will attend national and international ESN meetings on behalf of ESN Groningen.

If you would like to find out more about being the President of ESN Groningen, then don’t hesitate to send an email to, I will be happy to meet up for a coffee to answer any questions you might have!